Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Our occupation is designing and planning urban and natural landscapes. We are engaged in all segments and standards of landscape design, for all types of client, the size and type of program does not matter, but the creative challenge is important - how to design the given space to serve its purpose. We don’t differentiate between our tasks, it is important, that the task is clearly defined and logical, whether it is a garden or a multifunctional urban space. The areas of our work: - interiors - gardens and terraces - public places and other urban areas - public parks - graveyards and memorial parks - corporate landscapes - industrial and infrastructural landscapes - water landscapes - protected and historical landscapes - natural and cultural landscapesWe are engaged in complex planning, where we put the same weight into landscape design and projects of space programs. We believe that, beside good design each given area needs a project of suitable space programs as well as purpose of use, if we want the area to be complex, colourful in terms of programs, useful and alive. So it is more important how it works than how it looks. We believe in the context of space, which can be manifested as an influence or as a guiding principle in project design. For successful realisation of a project good project definitions are necessary, this exposes both the problems and the goals. Each task can be a challenge, should it be a garden, a park, the highway or natural environment. We plan entirely, from project regulations to the smallest detail, which is why we undertake each task in an interdisciplinary way, by connecting the various experts. This is necessary for a qualitative and expert realisation of each individual project.MATEJ KUČINA landscape architect 2004 BRUTO landscape architects founder, office leader 2002 SCAPELAB laboratory for spacial operations founder with architect Marko Studen M.Sc. 1996 Collaborator in office of P. Walker W.Johnson and partners, Berkeley, CA, USA 1995 Diploma from the Landscape architecture on BTF, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 1994 Study in Landscape architecture and Enviromental planing department, Utah State University, USA NIKA ČUFER landscape architect TANJA KOŠUTA architect
BRUTO Landscape Architecture & Design
Landscape architecture & design

Garden 13-17
Garden 13-17, Kobdilj, 2017
Semič Urban park
Semič Urban park, Semič, 2015

Kamniška Bistrica
, Kamniška Bistrica, 2014
, Blaguško jezero, 2014
Blaguško jezero
third axis, Velenje, 2017 third axis
Pordenone Workshop, Pordenone, Italija, 2004 Pordenone Workshop
Pordenone, Italija